How to Create an Online Course that Sells with J3 Patino

Training Information

Part 1

Video Time: 26:07

00:07 Introduction

01:33 Why did you choose to create online video courses?

04:16 How do you decide what courses to create?

10:28 How to create a course that turns newbies into masters

16:19 “WWH” Framework: The secret formula to take your course to the next level

19:33 What are the technologies involved in creating an online course

Training Information

Part 2

Video Time: 19:16

00:07 How do we protect our video content online?

02:19 Where do we host our videos?

06:30 How do you sell your course?

12:08 What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced when creating a course

16:35 The ONE THING you can do right now (right after watching this) to start your course.


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