A Hustler’s Guide to go 0 to 1,000 subscribers in 90 days with FREE Facebook Traffic with Nix Eniego

Training Information

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0:00 – 02:40 Introduction

02:40 – 7:54 Pseudo Case Study: How to increase your email list using Facebook (Without Paid Ads) in the Real Estate niche.

07:54 – 09:20  How to promote free webinars to build your email list fast!

09:20 – 15:18  Which FB property (FB profile, page or group) to develop and how Facebook personal profile can help with your branding and positioning.

15:18 – 25:00  How repurposing content you already have to grow your list.

25:00 – 28:00 What should be the objective and ideal length of a FB post?

28:00 – 31:36 What is the role of FB Live Videos in list building?

31:36 – 34:46 What are the mistakes that you can avoid in getting leads from Facebook?

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