What if going to work is​ as easy as turning on your laptop?

How to Turn Your Keyboard into A Personal ATM While Creating a Lifestyle Even Highly Paid Corporate Executives Would Trade For By Just Sending One Email A Day

Dear Friend,

          If you’d like to learn the email selling strategies that can generate sales by simply hitting the SEND button, then this letter is for you.

          Here’s the deal:

          You can now sign-up to the VIP waiting list of my premium email marketing training & coaching program called:

          It reveals how to use email marketing to harness the power of storytelling and copywriting to sell almost anything to anyone from the comforts of your own home without the awkwardness (& exhaustion) of meeting strangers face-to-face. 

          The strategies can be used by part-time hustlers and affiliate marketers… to small business owners, OFWs, authors and influencers… to MLM’ers… to bloggers, speakers, and especially the introvert types who’d rather jump off a cliff than sell something in person.

          However, the content inside is for serious players only.

          The best fit is for people who already have a product or service… whether your own or as an affiliate… or for freelancers who offer email marketing as part of their offer. 

To help decide if this is for you, here are some secrets inside:

  • The best type of email for time-sensitive announcement, product launches, and… even an election (Yes, according to Bloomberg, this one type of email was used by former U.S. President Barack Obama to raise most of his $690M campaign funds. Hey, if the most powerful man in the world does it, shouldn’t you?)
  • How to use the power of automation to create a “set & forget” sales system that turns leads into customers 24/7.
  • One simple computation that will change the way you look at business… forever.
  • The small “persuasion pill” that you plant in your prospects brain that makes them feel like they “owe you one” (This one trick alone can be all it takes to make them a customer for life.)
  • The #1 reason why starting a blog first is your fast track to bankruptcy online (Here’s what to do first instead)
  • The Double “T” combo that’ll help you create an unbreakable bond with your audience (Do this right & they’ll defend you from your bashers, buy your products, and promote you as if they own the product themselves )
  • Why relying solely on social media to build a relationship is a death sentence waiting to be executed (Here’s the one place that’s PROVEN to build more lasting relationships than anywhere on the internet.)
  • The 14-letter word that ethically “brainwashes” your audience into your way of thinking (& put them on a slippery slope directly to your offer)
  • Watch! as we piece together step-by-step an email sequence to sell professional accounting service from scratch. (See how we turn a cold-as-ice prospect to a warm lead who treat you like a trusted friend)
  • Want to read minds? How to legally “spy” on your prospects & know what they want even before they say a thing (Note: If you can describe people’s pain better than themselves, they’ll assume you have the answer — in short, YOUR product will solve their problem.)

“That’s me!”

          Hearing your prospect utter those two words upon reading your copy is like hitting the jackpot.

          Listen, don’t we just gravitate towards people who “gets” us? Who understands how we think and more importantly can relate to what we feel? In a subconscious level, we’re more likely to follow their advice (including buying their recommendations).

          You want to be that trusted friend.

          So before you even write a single email, you must first get to know your prospects. I’ll teach you how to do exactly that right at the comforts of your own home without spending a single centavo.

Do this right and your emails will practically write themselves.

Here’s some more tips inside Inbox Society

  • Creating content? The #1 secret on how professionals make people can’t help but like, share, and tweet every post that they put out (Hint: It’s not about writing talent or great ideas — it’s about where you are… “centered”.)
  • You have to pump out endless content to keep your audience’s attention, right? Wrong! Why leveraging other people’s expertise can sky-rocket your productivity while “upgrading” your name by mere association
  • What Mr. Zobel de Ayala can teach about making your harshest skeptics say “Take my wallet!”
  • Supermarket vs Grocery: Which one to use? (Your answer can be the difference between bonding with your audience & totally alienating them)
  • Starting from scratch? The first step to business that most new bloggers make when earning from their blog (Hint: It’s not about the tech, traffic, or branding)
  • The “Cookie Crumb” strategy to get the right people (aka the people most likely to buy) in your email list (Doing this makes your leads form a “bee line” straight to your product)
  • Make your audience love you by giving an avalanche of content. Wrong! Why bite-sized actionable content (that gives them immediate results) activates this psychological human tendency to want to pay you back — by buying your product
  • How to create a leadmagnet from content YOU ALREADY have that will leave your cold traffic no choice but to subscribe.
  • 3 types of social proof that shatters any doubt and makes you a welcome guest worth listening to (It doesn’t matter how good your offer is if people aren’t even willing to trust you)
  • 10 different ways to sell the same offer over & over without turning off your leads (A funny thing happens when you do this — top prospects turn into rabid followers while your list will be wiped clear of freebie seekers who are just weighing you down.)

          Do you notice this?

          Whenever you have an outing, there are people who 1) Immediately say “yes!” 2) would look for reviews online before going 3) ask about the ENTIRE itinerary before committing 4) wait until the very last minute to join.

          It happens in every group. Why?

          Human nature.

          Everyone has their own way of making a decision. They range from spontaneous to procrastinators and everyone in-between.

          … and so will your customers.

          That’s why we need to present our offer in different ways to hit the “trigger” button in our prospects mind. I’m excited for you to learn them inside.

Here’s more:

          Okay, that’s just a taste of what’s inside Inbox Society.

          These are the HARD ASSETS that I’ve acquired through years of investment of time, effort, and money.

          I’ve easily invested over Php250,000 in training alone to learn from the best in the world at this craft over the last half-decade. But more than that, what really makes this valuable are the results that I’ve gotten from actually implement them.

          Its implementation has led to several 6-figure launches both here and abroad. Majority of which I didn’t have my own product (affiliate launches) while doing this during my leisure time.

I’ve packaged all that “life-tested” knowledge inside Inbox Society.

Won 2nd Place in Truly Rich Club’s (TRC) Affiliate Launch in 2016 (Photo with TRC Founder Bo Sanchez)

“If you want real results, he’s the man”

“There are only a handful of people that I know in the Philippines that can truly teach you how to market online and Allan is one of them. If you want real results, he’s the man.”

– Jon Orana (Founder of Eskapology.com)

“I wouldn’t have succeeded in my first online course without his timely advice.”

“Allan is the real deal. In the launch of my first online course, Allan was the number 1 affiliate, bringing in about a quarter of the total number of enrollees for my course. Allan has brought immense value to his followers that they reciprocate by following his advice and taking action.

In fact, it was Allan who convinced me to invest in an email marketing service and to create campaigns to nurture and build my list. I wouldn’t have succeeded in my first online course without his timely advice.”

– Marv De Leon (Founder, Freelance Blend)

What’s Inside Inbox Society?

List Building Bootcamp

This is the CORE training of the program.

It contains the 4 foundational modules that’ll teach you how to run an automated online business powered by the email marketing.

You’ll learn how to find the inner most desires of your market, build a list of qualified leads and turn them into happy customers who’ll gladly buy from you again and again.

Let’s break it down for you:

Module 1 – “List Building 101”

Make your followers feel like you know them all their life right from your very first email. Learn the exact technique to deeply understand your market & you’ll never run out of content ideas & close sales twice as fast.

  • Introduction
  • New Age: Why it’s the best time to be in business today
  • The Untold Truth About Blogging (and Why It’s Sabotaging Your Success)
  • Subscribers: The Lifeblood of Your Online Business
  • Email Marketing: The Invisible Machine That Generates Revenues on Auto-Pilot (Even if You’re Terrified of Selling)
  • Exercise: The Secret Sauce to Reading Your Customer’s Mind

Module 2 – “Email Marketing Machine”

Make your ideal audience hang on your every word (& take their wallet out) using the timeless persuasion hot buttons that turn qualified leads into loyal customers.

  • Under the Hood: How the Human Touch is Delivered Through Email
  • LeadMagnet: How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love with You At First Sight
  • Persuasion Aikido: How to Use Human Nature to Turn Doubters Into Believers
  • Guilt-Free Selling: The Modern Way to Sell Online without Losing Your Soul
  • Angles: How to Make The Same Offer Repeatedly Without Annoying Your Audience
  • Inboxer Code: How to Write Emails that Convert

Module 3 – “Technology Made Easy”

Turn your system on auto-pilot. Discover how to use the power of autoresponders to turn your powerful words into non-stop sales.

  • P.I.E.R. Framework: Learn How To Make People “Lust” for your offer
  • Email Autoresponder: How to Generate Revenue like a Machine
  • Building Your Machine: How to Set-up Your Email Autoresponder

Module 4 – “Traffic Generation”

How to feed your email machine with high quality leads day in & day out.

  • Subscriber Magnet: How to Grow Your Email List (twice as fast) from your existing traffic
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • A Word on Traffic: Understanding the trade-off between free & paid traffic
  • Free Traffic: How to harness the power of your online assets (i.e. website, social media etc) to bring in the best leads with zero ad spending.
  • Paid Traffic: How to properly target & optimize your Facebook Ad campaign targeted specifically to build your list with hyper-targeting to make sure you only get people who are likely to buy from you.
  • Facebook Advertising Demonstration: A step-by-step walkthrough of implementing the “Cookie Crumb” methodology that guides your leads to a slippery slope directly at your product.

          As you can see, it’s all here.

          A built-from-scratch strategy to start running your home-based email marketing business taught by a fellow Pinoy to take your online sales to the next level.

          On top of being able to watch the video trainings, you can also download the audio file for easy listening whenever you want.

          But that’s not all you get…

          No one person has a monopoly of all the answers. I understand that there are important elements of the business that other experts can teach you.

That’s why I brought some reinforcements

Expert Interviews

I’ve invited the top people in their fields to super-charge your new found email chops. They’ll share their best insights to help you hit the ground running!

How to go from Employee to Entrepreneur Without Quitting Your Job with Edwin Soriano

Beginner’s Guide to Hiring the Perfect Freelancer (Even if you’ve never hired before) with Fitz Villafuerte

Personal Branding Mastery with Marv de Leon

Earn in Dollars: How to Sell Your Digital Product Internationally withJon Orana

How To Flood Your Email List with Serious-Only Leads By Mastering Landing Page Copy with Carl Dexter 

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads with Niña Mendoza

A Hustler’s Guide to go 0 to 1,000 subscribers in 90 days with FREE Facebook Traffic with Nix Eniego

          That’s an all-star line-up at your disposal.

          The best part? This list will just keep on growing just like how you and I will grow as marketers. So that’s just a taste of what’s coming.

          These trainings are intended to supplement your email marketing business & make implementation that much easier.

          Speaking of implementation…

          All these information is useless if you don’t put it into good use. And I don’t want slackers in my community.

          Having said that, chances are you’ll encounter speed bumps along the way — need clarification? Want a second opinion on your strategy? Come up with ideas for your campaign?

          We got you covered.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Your safe haven. Running an online business on your own is like being lost in a jungle. Our monthly group coaching call is your safe haven to ask your most pressing question, receive feedback on your work and get tips & strategies you can immediately use in your business.

  • Get to ask your most PRESSING questions about your email marketing campaign
  • Receive feedback on your email copy, website, product, funnels etc.
  • Get a tips and strategies you can immediately use in your business

“Two clients have been added to my client list…”

“I joined Allan’s email marketing bootcamp to boost the online presence of my accounting business. Since the beginning, Allan has guided me from giving suggestions for my website up to running facebook ads to grow my list.What I really love is that even after the bootcamp, Allan is there to guide us and to answer our questions. Since then, two clients have been added to my client list. I owe this to Allan and the email marketing bootcamp.”

– Divina Joy Ayungo-Martinez (CEO of DJKA Accounting Services)

          As stacked as this membership sounds, we’re not close to being done yet. 

          Because you still get…​

An Inboxer’s Secret Toolbox of

“Power Bonuses”

          We’ve set you up with everything you need to start-up your business. The knowledge, the top-notch advisers, and continuous support.

          … But why stop there?

          Why not take to the next level?

          Here’s just some of the special “unfair advantage” you’ll get:

Bonus #1: Swipe Files (Templates)

Never stare at a blank page again. Find tried and tested subject lines, bullet points and email angles that’ll turn your writing experience from torture to pleasure.

  • Never run out of ideas for subject lines, bullet points, story angles.
  • No more guess work: Get blueprints of real-life emails that convert
  • Updated regularly for what works today

Bonus #2: Facebook Group – Digital Edge

Do you feel alone in your online business journey? Not anymore. Join a community of supportive, like-minded individuals who you can share ideas with, cushion your defeats, and celebrate your victories.

This is the unsung hero of your membership. As the popular saying goes… your network is your net worth.

I’d love to welcome you in.

Everything You Could Possibly Need

         You’ve seen how jam-packed of top-notch training is waiting for you inside Inbox Society.

          But it’s also designed into short bite-sized videos so you can easily “digest” the lessons minus the overwhelm.

          There’s nothing “academic” about it. Lessons are taught in a very conversational tone using Taglish. The same way a friend would teach you this one-on-one in a coffee shop.

          The continuous support means that once you invest in the membership, you’re not left alone to figure everything out yourself — It’s a living program aimed to bring you results.

How much is the investment?

          Now, as you can imagine, the price for Inbox Society is not cheap.

          After all, for the very first time anywhere we’re revealing our “trade secrets” — something that’s taken him nearly 6 years to perfect… and the better part of a full year to assemble.

          And when you factor in the possible six-figure income your successful email marketing business can pay you year after year — well, the value of this information becomes immeasurable.

         On top of that — it’s the type of business where it costs your virtually nothing to put up compared to a brick & mortar business. Your most valuable asset is not going to be your website, Facebook group, heck, even your email list — it’s your knowledge and skill.

          Because with that, you can repeat the process over & over (even if you have to start from scratch).

          That’s why at Php15,000/ quarter (Php5,000/month) — I think this membership program is one of the best business educational investments you will ever make.

          And that’s not even taking into account the value of learning a business strategy that can put “West” level money in your pocket while at home with your family … for the rest of your life!

          But here’s the exciting part.

         Because you’re getting in early at version 1.0.

Your price is waaaaayyyy lower

          You’ll get a much lower price than that… I’ll tell you your special price in a minute… But perhaps more exciting than the enormous discount we’re offering you is the VERY SPECIAL PERK ONLY YOU WILL GET.

“I started from 0 and now, I’m happy with my results.”

When my friends from a group told his name “Allan Ngo”, I immediately searched it through Facebook, and asked if he could helped me. I almost missed to be in before the deadline because my husband and I were on a date on that day. I’m glad I was able to make it.

I’m not a techie person. I don’t understand how things work in this digital space. But Allan is so patient in mentoring me. I like his approach! His lessons in the Inbox Society will make you move and motivate you to reach your goals when it comes to copy and email marketing.

I started from 0 and now, I’m happy with my results. Would you imagine, my Korean husband is now seeking help from me on email automation, email copy and his offshore correspondence?

Replies from my subscribers melts my heart. It gives me inspiration to do and give more.”

– Sherlyn Kim (Etiquette Coach and Author)

So are you ready for this?

         So I hope you’re appreciating the value of this offer…

          The sheer quality of the information you’ll get…

          The immense opportunity in using email marketing in generating sales for your business…

          The chance to finally start generating sales online by just being yourself (even if it means you’re shy or you’ve never sold anything in your life.. ever!)

          And — just for you — the opportunity to go to me DIRECTLY anytime you have a question… as long as you’re a member of the community.

          But before I send you to the Inbox Society registration page, I promised to tell you about the very special price we’re offering (that can be removed anytime).

          If you join Inbox Society today — you won’t pay the Php15,000/quarter…


          The price you’ll pay when you order through this offer today — is just Php5,000/quarter.

          In other words, for just Php5,000 you can have us “take you by the hand” and show you step-by-step how to replicate the success we had in your life.

“So during and a week after the bootcamp, we had 5 new clients with orders totaling S$325 (PHP 2,242.5) in sales.”

“… One thing that I put into action right after that call was Allan’s call was to put up a separate facebook pagefor the Lechon belly business. The following day, my wife received PM from 2 people who are not her usual friends, friends of her existing friends. They ordered 1 lechon each to be delivered by end of July 2016. Since then, sunod-sunod na ang mga orders leading up to the National Day (Independence Day) of Singapore.

We also had 3 more new clients, 1 of whom have links to the Philippine embassy.  So during and a week after the bootcamp, we had 5 new clients with orders totaling S$325 (PHP 2,242.5) in sales. This, I even had not rolled out the campaign that Allan suggested to do differently. I’m now getting excited to roll out these campaigns through Active Campaign.  

One thing that I really liked about the bootcamp is the value that I got: doing proper copywriting (which I believed is the most important part in getting your campaign start the right way)…

…I would really recommend that if Allan offers this program again, you should grab that opportunity to sign up. I myself kept reviewing the lessons to get guided and have inspiration.  More power to you Allan!”

– Ramon and Ann-Gie (Owner of “Crispy and Tasty Lechon Belly”)

          That’s not all.

          If you join using our annual plan, you’ll only have to invest Php15,000/year (You’re essentially getting one quarter totally free.).

          On top of that, you’ll unlock these exclusive Expert Interviews only available for Annual Plan members:

Expert Interviews: Annual Plan members only

Copywriting for Affiliate Marketers:How to Write Persuasive Copy that Turns Leads into Customers via Email w/ Ray Edwards 

How to Create Courses that Converts w/ J3 Patino

How I Used Webinars to Fire My Boss and Replace My Income in 2 Weeks w/ Jon Schumacher


Annual Plan Members Only

          Once you have the foundations down, you’ll be taken to our advance classes where we’ll teach you real world campaigns that’ve worked wonders. They will be broken down to it’s simplest form for easy deployment.

          Here’s what our inaugural masterclass looks like:

8-Figure Email Sequence: How to Write Emails That Turn Lukewarm Prospects Into Rabid Buyers Every Single Timew/ John Pagulayan

Hollywood Storytelling Secrets for Entrepreneurs w/ Michael Hauge

Note: These trainings alone will pay off your first year of membership.

If the idea of this is of interest to you… even in the least — you should take advantage of it.

Plus, Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed By Inbox Society

If over the first 30 days, you decide Inbox Society isn’t for you for ANY REASON — simply email us via [email protected] 

We’ll close out your Inbox Society membership… offer it to someone else… and refund every Peso you paid — no questions asked.

Allan Ngo

One last thing…

          There’s no pressure to stay in the Society, either.

          My community of email marketers will continue to learn, execute, and profit from our best practices whether you decide to stay or not.

          In fact, if you’re not prepared or willing to implement what you learn… or if you just got carried away with all the “goodies” that we have to offer but deep inside you know you’re not going to do the “dirty work”, please don’t join.

          Don’t get me wrong, we accept anyone from beginners starting from scratch to advanced marketers who want to up their email game, as long as you’re willing to learn and do real work.

          Wannabes, need not join.

          There’s a lot of money changing hands daily.

          Consumers are spending left & right.

          People who know email persuasion are raking it in. The question is… will you be one of them?

         Choose your plan below below to give it a shot.

         Click the button to get started:

See you inside.

Allan Ngo

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